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Our Real Treasure Hunt event, Tokyo Treasure Railway, has ended with approximately 4,000 users completing the special mission!

We held a Real Treasure Hunt event, Real Treasure Hunt x Station Memories! Search for 10 Million in Treasure on the Tokyo Treasure Railway, for location-based game Station Memories! Many users took on the challenge to get rare goods only obtainable by solving many puzzles, and approximately 4,000 users successfully complete the 15 question special puzzle.


A one stop shop for digital tourism promotion with H.I.S. and related businesses! The "'Created in the Countryside' Tourism Promotion Consortium" has been created, and a meeting for its founding will be held on Tuesday, March 1.

Mobile Factory will establish the "'Created in the Countryside' Tourism Promotion Consortium" on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. With H.I.S. as promoter, and in cooperation with local governments and tourism boards, this consortium will be established to help inform people domestically and internationally about wonderful tourist attractions, in support of the welcoming life involved in the "Created in the Countryside" initiative.


Train cars bearing a "Iwate x Station Memories!" headmark will be running through Iwate Prefecture! Original design free pass tickets for Iwate Galaxy Railway and Sanriku Railway (Kita Riasu Line) are on sale!

Specially for the O2O event "Iwate x Station Memories!," starting from Saturday, February 13, 2016, train cars for the Iwate Galaxy Railway and Sanriku Railway (Kita Riasu Line) will have original headmarks. Additionally, beginning on Saturday, January 30, 2016, two kinds of original design free pass tickets will go on sale.